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Avi Sic - ‘Late Checkout’ – April

Avi Sic remains a high-quality talent within Electronic Music, and her radio show, ‘Late Checkout’ continues to elevate her growing reputation even further, serving as a reminder of her talent, skills, and powerful signature sound. As April delivered another month filled with vibrant mixes and top guest stars, Avi Sic ensured that her radio show continued to captivate, raising her creative bar whilst celebrating the very best of Electronic Music.

With each episode, listeners can expect to hear carefully curated mixes; blending tracks from a variety of Artists, Avi Sic continues to offer immersive sonic experiences that showcase her deep understanding and passion for Electronic Music itself. In last month’s episodes, Avi Sic once again presented a collection of must-listen mixes, introducing work from heavyweight names like Alesso and David Guetta while incorporating the music of rising stars such as Elijah Soltan and WIN WIN. It is the wide-ranging music that Avi Sic delivers within her show that continues to establish her as a thrilling tastemaker within Electronic Music; highlighting her original tastes and keen ear for fresh sounds, ‘Late Checkout’ establishes Avi Sic’s individuality, all the while cementing her as a talent to keep following closely. 

In addition to featuring the work from a range of Artists, Avi Sic offered the decks over to Rhiannon Roze and Ship Wrek during April on the show. With Rhiannon Roze and Ship Wrek both taking the opportunity to introduce listeners to their unique signature sounds with mixes including music from their own catalogues, the guest episodes on ‘Late Checkout’ certainly came as a treat for listeners, showcasing the vast and compelling landscape of Electronic Music today. Both top names within the genre, with Ship Wrek just recently releasing a production alongside Dillion Francis and Rhiannon Roze having worked with numerous other gifted Artists on the scene, the excitement on ‘Late Checkout’ during April was no doubt raised as Avi Sic added yet more exciting names to the roster of guests that have so far made an appearance on the show. 

Avi Sic’s commitment to bringing enthralling listens to her fans around the globe keeps shining through in each of her creative pursuits, and her radio show, ‘Late Checkout’ continues to appear as another powerful extension of her captivating artistry. As the show keeps gaining success, followers can be sure to hear even more hard-hitting mixes from both Avi Sic herself and more thrilling guests, cementing ‘Late Checkout’ as a radio show to be tuning into each and every week.  

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