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Avi Sic ‘Late Checkout – May’

Avi Sic's acclaimed radio show, 'Late Checkout,' continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its electrifying mixes and unparalleled curation of the best Electronic Dance music. Throughout the month of May, the show featured an array of remarkable episodes that showcased Avi Sic's distinctive mixing style and welcomed two special guests, EMDI and Casmalia.

The inclusion of EMDI and Casmalia as special guests added an extra layer of excitement to 'Late Checkout,' these talented artists brought their unique styles and infectious beats to the already diverse playlist, joining the ranks of esteemed guests who have graced the show in the past, like BLOND:ISH, Mike Williams, Gianluca Vacchi, and Nicky Romero, to name a few.

May's episodes of 'Late Checkout' featured an impressive selection of tracks from industry heavyweights like Sofi Tukker, Matroda, Hardwell, and Avi Sic herself, each episode seamlessly blended various genres, ensuring an exhilarating musical journey for listeners. One of the standout moments of the month was the feature of Avi Sic's latest track, 'Knockin' Like.' This high-energy anthem further solidifies Avi Sic's position as a powerhouse producer and showcases her ability to craft infectious beats and captivating melodies that resonate with Electronic Dance music enthusiasts worldwide.

Avi Sic's mixing style is the driving force behind the success of 'Late Checkout’, her unique ability to seamlessly blend different genres, while maintaining an unmatched energy level, has set her show apart from the rest, with each episode, Avi Sic continues to push boundaries and keeps fans coming back for more.

"Late Checkout" remains a must-listen for anyone seeking an eclectic mix of the hottest Electronic Dance music, whether it’s House, Future House or Bass House, or something in between, the show's reputation for delivering energetic mixes that keep the party going has established it as a favorite among music enthusiasts. Be sure to stay up to date with Avi Sic's latest updates and tune in to 'Late Checkout' on one of the 50+ radio stations worldwide or stream it weekly on Soundcloud to experience the excitement firsthand.

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