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Avi Sic - ‘Late Checkout’ – May

Avi Sic’s radio show ‘Late Checkout’ has been gaining attention every month, continuing to excite listeners with high-quality episodes filled with powerful track listings and presenting guest mixes from a range of top-tier talents. As May saw Jack Wins and Gettoblaster take to the decks, adding an extra level of enthrallment to the show as Avi Sic brought her own signature sound to the airwaves with impactful track lineups, ‘Late Checkout’ continued to keep the bar raised, offering captivating sonic journeys for listeners to immerse themselves in. With each month, Avi Sic excels, taking her radio show to higher heights as she adds more memorable episodes to the ‘Late Checkout’ collection.

Through May’s episodes, Avi Sic presented listeners with a taste of her sonic world, highlighting the creative originality that continues to run throughout her artistry. As she approaches her mixing from her own distinct perspective, Avi Sic takes the time to highlight her production abilities, incorporating tracks from her own catalogue. Last month, Avi Sic introduced listeners to her recent release, ‘Control Me’, ensuring the reach of her talents, creativity, and skillset when it comes to crafting mighty-sounding productions continues to expand.

As the track lineups of ‘Late Checkout’ continue to lead to vibrant and enthralling listens, the radio show no doubt maintains its status as a refreshing destination for genre enthusiasts to explore the genre further and reveal the top sounds, styles, and Artists that continue to impact the direction of Electronic Music today. With music from the likes of Don Diablo, Max Styler, and Diplo featured during May, Avi Sic used her platform to showcase her familiarity and knowledge of Electronic Music: bringing attention to the hottest talents, Avi Sic continues to celebrate the very best that the genre has to offer, presenting her passion and dedication to Electronic Music as she curates episodes that showcase the dense and diverse landscape of the genre.

Within May, listeners are sure to have enjoyed the additional layer of diversity that the guest stars added to their listening journey; with both Jack Wins and Gettoblaster taking the opportunity to each highlight their distinct signature sounds, the guest mixes will no doubt have seen new listeners drawn to ‘Late Checkout’, expanding the reach and potential of the show even further as the number of fans tuning in continues to grow.

Guaranteed to keep the standard high, Avi Sic will no doubt curate more compelling episodes of ‘Late Checkout’ during June, so be sure to tune in throughout the month and stay up to date with Avi Sic by following her across social media today.

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