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Baccus and ILyes are two very different entities, fused together for this special EP.

Baccus is a bright and multi-talented young artist who utilises his voice in his productions, and in his sets. His positive energy is undeniably infectious and his previous collaborations with

Black Loops, Folamour, Oden&Fatzo, and more have set him on a promising path for the future.

ILyes was firstly distinguished by the quality of his productions, and his expression through his live sets. Each live he creates a unique story composed of his flagship tracks and unreleased

compositions. The fusion of these two visionaries has made for a four-track spectacular.

Smiley Signs kicks things off with a bass that slaps, mixed with powerful synths that pan on a high and hypnotic tone. Rave Boulevard continues with a textured and punchy groove with

plenty of absorbing atmosphere. Alarma follows with a more propulsive sound of glistening tech house drums and icy pads. Finally, the Vitess Remix of Smiley Signs rounds the energetic EP

off with a minimal and dreamy take on the original.

Although both artists have their own touring schedules, we are hoping to catch them together for an enthusiastic live set in the not-so-distant future.

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