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Barbara & Ed Hoffman combine on infectious Dirtybird single 'Feet Money’

You heard a lot of great music from Ed Hoffman and Barbara in 2023 and they're not showing any signs of stopping in 2024. After a crazy weekend in Palm Springs with Barbara and her friends, the pair created Feet Money paying tribute to all the hustlers out there (ain't no shame, do your thang) and empowering folks to use their assets for good.

The track in true Ed and Barbara style is bouncy and sassy with cheeky lyrics inspired by true life events and a driving kick and bass, placing itself right at home within the Dirtybird sound. Prepare yourself for a punchy warehouse focussed offering that is set to kick off the new year in fine form.

“While on our shopping session, my best friend tried on this insanely stunning vintage YSL fur coat, way out of our price range and we all were like "gurrrrl you neeed that feet money". I sat down with Ed as soon I got back from the trip and Feet Money was born.” - Barbara


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