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Ben Pest presents Come To The Yard EP

The latest release on Co-Accused Records sees prolific Bristol-based producer Ben Pest step up to the plate with his quaking 'Come To The Yard' EP. 

It's high energy from the get-go as the commanding title track takes hold, followed by the fizzing electro, breakbeats and robotic vocal fragments of 'Experting Computers' . On the dark and rugged 'Erase Me', arresting analogue textures coalesce around an absolutely jacking rhythm as the track pounds its way to the centre of the dancefloor. Ben closes out the EP with the machine funk of 'Think Again', an old school acid house-flavoured cut that grooves along with attitude and an infectious 303 bassline.  

The vinyl has sold out in a few stores already... Don’t hang about, this will sell out! 


A1. Ben Pest - Come To The Yard

A2. Ben Pest - Experting Computers

B1. Ben Pest - Erase Me

B2. Ben Pest - Think Again

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