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Bethan Lloyd - "No Umbilical"

Bethan Lloyd is a Welsh artist whose trance inducing vocals expand over an ocean of rave inspired production, harmonic layering and otherworldly ecstasy. Her sonic exploration has taken her from training as a classical singer, immersing herself in Berlin’s experimental music scene, to learning with magicians, masters and the ancient teachings of the natural world. In her latest single, No Umbilical, Bethan, producing alongside ‘Jet Pack Dog’ bandmate and master of noise Isaac Ray, takes her intense explorations of the spirit and emotional realms and blends them into something playful and danceable, a gritty experimental pop.

No Umbilical had been through a variety of alternate versions before arriving at the one we hear today from the upcoming album, Metamorphosis. Talking of impossible hertz and becoming the feeding ghost, it has always retained the stark lyrical ambition of its predecessors, but in its final form, Bethan and co producer Isaac Ray opted for a softer, rolling production, that hints at a 90s nostalgia with a modern twist. Bethan’s lyrics delve into the philosophy of animism and her classical vocal training shines through in the choral layering that brings the piece to a close. Accompanied by a video shot on a now vintage handheld camera, on the outskirts of Berlin, in a decaying building where nature tries to regain a hold, No Umbilical, both aurally and visually, places itself in a liminal space between past and present, consumerism and ancestry.


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