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bORDEL releases a posthumous record by the late Julien Naudin AKA Torb

Actualizado: 30 may 2023

Parisian Torb passed away in July 2020 after a distinguished career as a producer, engineer and assistant to Philipp Zdar. He worked on many seminal records with Cassius, Phoenix and Chromeo so was a core part of the famous French touch sound. Mixing up raw kraut rock with soulful Detroit on his array of analogue machines, he had a signature sound that still impresses to this day.

'Sunriser' is a long journey into deep space with a warming sunrise vibe. The emotional track has a heart of darkness but lush synth craft that brings hope. It is widescreen and dramatic and makes a truly lasting impression.

Three remixers then pay tribute to Torb, starting with Parisian Blaacon who smooths things out into a slick electro-tinged cut with smeared pads and a constant sense of trance-tinged suspense and melodic beauty. Then comes long time friend and Italian pioneer Francesco Farfa with a gorgeous deep techno cut tinged with Motor City synth warmth and optimism. Last of all, Parisian Don Turi offers a mix that will sweep the dance floor up on waves of pixelated synths and dynamic drums that power through the stars.

This is a touching tribute to a great French artist.


01 Sunriser 02 Sunriser (Blaacon Remix) 03 Sunriser (Francesco Farfa Remix) 04 Sunriser (Don Turi Remix)

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