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Boston Bun's resurgent Circa '99 label is back with a new single featuring Jean Tonique

French producer and multi-instrumentalist Jean Tonique is a red-hot talent with a raw and organic sound. He has multi-faceted influences, a love of 70s funk and has remixed everyone from The Kooks to Outkast while being a regular fixture on the Hype Machine Top 10. His happy, old-school music brings joy to dance floors worldwide and labels like Partyfine and now Circa '99.

Jean once again proves his qualities here by returning to his French house roots on 'Simple Things,' a track lit up by gloriously colourful and freewheeling synth loops. The classic filter sound is detailed with catchy hooks and slick beats that all glow with a future retro warmth as strings & synths add a luxurious edge.

The fabulously feel-good 'Simple Things' is another fresh offering from this vibrant label.

Tracklist: 01 Simple Things

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