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Bristol-based Try Me deliver "the sound of the winter!" with feel-good 'Tidal Wave'

Listen to Tidal Wave HERE

Try Me are the latest music sensation to burst onto, and out of the Bristol scene. Dynamic disco-punk alt-pop duo Hector Boogieman (Miles Hutchinson) and Bendy Wendy (Molly Vivian) certainly know how to put on a raucous and fun filled show, rippling with energy, which explains why their stock is rising at a rate of knots.

Their last single, Road Runner, was selected as Jack Saunders’ tune of the week on BBC Radio 1 and Bendy Wendy was Amy Lame’s ‘Sunday Girl’ on 6Music, in a captivating live feature of previous single Big Baby.  Their gender and genre defying performance at Bristol Pride to thousands of rapturous revelers is already an ‘I was there’ moment.

Tidal Wave starts with the sound of waves and a 4/4 drum kick before a funky bassline and a broken beat reminiscent of Chromeo set the track up perfectly for the vocal. Hector Boogieman’s suggestive lyrics scan perfectly, telling you that: “I really wanna get to know ya / but only on a rollercoaster / I’ll save you a seat”. 

Yet this is no literal rollercoaster, as you soon realise when Bendy Wendy’s vocal comes in with the titular line “You make me tidal wave / When we stay up all night / You keep me wide awake / You are my favourite ride.”

As the duet continues, Try Me’s lyrics become even more clever, filled with all the fun innuendo of the fair, funky bass and Nile Rogers’ Chic inspired guitar.  As you get to the end of the track, you’re already ready to go again. Just like a rollercoaster. 

The feeling you get of wanting to play Tidal Wave again is analogous with the lyrical meaning. Bendy Wendy explains: This song is a cheeky exploration of a roller coaster relationship - it has its ups and downs but when it’s all over, you jump back in the queue. We hope the love we have poured into this song can be felt overflowing out of the speakers of whoever may be listening.”

“We have written the song of the summer…just in time for winter”. 

As that may be, expect this song to be a firm favourite singalong up and down the country at all of your favourite festivals and live music venues in 2024. Try Me are already in hot demand for their must-see live performances. 

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