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Leveldva presents Chillrave Compilation 3

Actualizado: 22 sept 2023

Leveldva is delighted to bring you its latest musical narrative; a testament to a tireless year-long journey. This meticulously curated compilation is more than just an amalgamation of sound, it's a multi-continental exploration that plunges deep into the heart of our shared human experience.

From the thick, untamed jungle of South America to the understated echo chambers of Berlin, Leveldva’ s odyssey spanned cultures, genres, and rhythm. This rich sonic journey carved its path through Amsterdam's picturesque avenues, navigated the pulsing energy of New York's nightlife, tackled the labyrinthine streets of Istanbul, and traipsed the arid deserts of Nevada's outback.

The resulting composition, akin to a celestial roadmap charted by the moon, unites these unique sounds under one cohesive masterpiece. Each track, carefully selected from droves of global talent, contributes another vital thread to the tapestry. This assembly of sounds includes the contributions of artists such as Geju, Acid Pauli, Dad Of The Year, Coss, Paul Traeumer, Landhouse, and more. Their unique styles and sonic signatures lend the compilation its inherent diversity and depth.

This musical journey, shared with us through a mermaid's secret, has been artfully crafted to transcend the ephemeral. Each beat, rhythm, and tone enact a voyage, imparting a lingering resonance that expands beyond the reach of time. We caution listeners to be prepared for the culmination of this compelling engagement: it promises to be an immersive tuneful experience that you will wish to indulge in perpetually.

Steeped in storytelling traditions and crafted with a journalistic verve, Leveldva's latest compilation vibrantly invites its listeners to leave the shore behind and surrender to an eternal musical exploration.


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