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Conrad Schnitzler - Aufzug

Flip-Flap is pleased to announce that the series of works chosen by Conrad Schnitzler to publish with us now continues with the help of Dutch distributor Fonodroom. This selection of works was originally made by Conrad Schnitzler himself in 2008 for a 100-CD boxed edition planned to be released by the now-defunct Waystyx label. As the heir to Waystyx, Flip-Flap offers Conrad fans the opportunity to further immerse themselves in his electronic music universe. Any universe is infinite and these 100 works are only guides to its central points, allowing you to simultaneously orient yourself and feel lost in its limitlessness. And it was Conrad himself who placed these points where refractions occur and where they have maximum brightness. This selection of works creates a vast sound mass suspended in a timeless stasis.

Conrad's music, being as close to improvisation as possible, often raises the question of what is more important here: regulation and control or random positioning of electroacoustic signals. These 100 hours of electronic symphonies, written between 1990 and 2009, represent a long journey through soundscapes where the listener encounters something new and at the same time reflects on the past.


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