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Deer Jade drops her high energy Kompakt Debut EP ‘Jukurpa’

Get it here: Digital / Vinyl

‘Jukurpa’’s title track has been lifting hearts and moving feet at Deer Jade’s high energy, fun-fuelled, nonstop-dancing DJ performances at Circoloco, Fusion festival (DE), Halcyon SF, Kater Blau (DE), Flash (Washington), Pacha (Ibiza)… for months, as well as in her much loved Circoloco Radio and Keinemusik mixes. Now we can all enjoy her Kompakt debut EP which follows releases on Stil vor Talent, Get Physical, The Gardens of Babylon, Abracadabra… 

While she is warmly down to earth on stage, Deer Jade’s music is often otherworldly, ‘a diverse journey mixing elements from different times and cultures.’ ‘Jukurpa’ is named after the Walpiri aboriginal term for the Dreamtime, the ancient and ongoing creation of the universe. The Swiss-French Kundalini yoga and spirituality proponent had a nomadic youth which has influenced her layered, playful, melodic sound. Creating music ‘is like reading the most fun and playful book ever, which you can never finish as there’s always more to learn and discover.’

‘Jukurpa’: the title track is indeed diverse, beautifully layering tinkling bells, sitar, a deep, deep reverbing melody and jazzy piano with choral song lyrics, all over a steady beat, reflecting the Dreamtime’s flowering of life-forms in an explosion of creation. 

‘Cosmic Dream’ is faster, with driving, clattering beats, busy melodic phrases and riffs. Chimes played like percussion mingle with a more spacey vibe and a breathy, mantra-like vocal, like a whisper in the dark, as the Dreamtime communicates to us today. 

‘Producing expresses our deepest heart, to share our own pure vibration with the world. It’s mystical, very intimate, like getting out there completely naked. It’s like drawing our own portrait, writing our autobiography without a single detail unsupervised, leaving something timeless behind.’  

Deer Jade ‘Jukurpa’ is out now on Kompakt. Get it here: Digital / Vinyl.

Track list: 

  1. Jukurpa 

  2. Cosmic Dream

Connect with Deer Jade on Spotify | Soundcloud | Instagram


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