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Diaspora Unit prepare "Hiraeth" [Filigran]

Diaspora Unit prepare "Hiraeth" [Filigran]

"Diaspora Unit - Hiraeth" is a compelling exploration of electronic diversity, masterfully crafted by Munich's Adnan Duric-Steinmann and Josef Fischer. Their second album, released under the Filigran label, is a kaleidoscope of sounds that seamlessly blends genres and influences. The opening track, "Hiraeth," is a hypnotic journey, with its dreamy techno vibes and enchanting melody. The album swiftly moves into the wild electro-industrial realms channeling the raw energy of Carl Craig and Nitzer Ebb.

Each track is an auditory movement, from pulsating rhythms to serene atmospheric tones. The album's punky rawness, an attribute of EBM, is evident in some tracks providing a gritty, unpolished edge. The album concludes with a complex blend of sounds, signifying the duo's innovative approach to electronic music.

Their futuristic soundscapes are rich and textured, offering a deep, sonically rich experience that's both trance-inducing and irresistible. "Hiraeth" by Diaspora Unit it's a journey through the evolution and diversity of electronic music.


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