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Dive into the Depths of Melodic House & Techno with Anahit Vardanyan's Latest Release "Avyun"

Elektrons proudly unveils its third release, and introduces the first artist signing to the outlet. Live performer and producer Anahit Vardanyan arrives on Hannes Bieger’s label with her Avyun release. Anahit’s background is a blend of influences: her classical training with a myriad of club experiences, her Armenian upbringing with her adult life in Hamburg. These factors, combined withan acute awareness of how sound and vibration can impact our state of mind, make her an exceptional artist who is fully aligned with the ethos of Elektrons. Besides the music, Anahit also created the artwork for her release, with two paintings - each track represented in visual form - making this a very personal endeavour. The title track speaks to Anahit’s heritage, a combination of passion, yearning and an awakening of her Armenian lineage. Traditional Armenian instruments (like the duduk and dhol) combine with the oscillating pulse of the low end, bright enlivening layers of synth and bold progression. The stirring production, and native Armenian sounds, bring a fresh, spellbinding energy to the dance floor. It’s what Anahit herself calls “a celebration of the eternal bond between a people and their homeland”. ‘Haratev’ (Armenian for Eternity) follows the title cut. Here the beats guide the track forward with a driving rhythm. From the pianotinged intro, to the mesmerising melody, minor chords elicit a sense of sorrow, yet there’s hope and optimism embedded in this powerful cut, too. The juxtaposition of these tones, along with the drum programming, give the track its unique appeal. Anahit describes it as, “A reminder that even in the midst of chaos, there exists a perpetual light that shines brightly, guiding us towards hope and resilience”. Beautifully composed with heartfelt production and concepts, Anahit Vardanyan brings a graceful, emotive and potent energy to Elektrons with her stunning debut. Captivating, moving and progressive, this is what Hannes Bieger’s label is all about.


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