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Dolbytall reworks XDB’s The Calling on La Perle Records

La Perle Records proudly introduces "The Calling," a mesmerizing melodic Afro House track crafted by KXD BEATS and graced with the enchanting vocals of SboshTheVee. This track stands out as a spiritual odyssey, encapsulating the essence of embracing one's gifts amidst life's challenges. 

"The Calling" delves deep into the story of a girl who acknowledges her spiritual gift, yet struggles to balance this profound calling with the ever-changing world around her. The song's core message resonates powerfully: being chosen is a path strewn with obstacles, but with unwavering faith, one can triumph over these trials. It's a testament to the strength found in trust and belief, emphasizing that divine support is always present to guide the chosen ones.


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