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Dombrance presents Double Trouble

Dombrance is back with a colourful new EP on Discolypso featuring two new songs and remixes from a stellar cast, including François K, Lindstrøm, Daniele Baldelli & Dionigi, Rigopolar and more.

Dombrance has been described by The Sunday Times as "a French Jarvis Cocker with a bushy moustache and flares." He is a musical maverick who last year released his debut full-length album and performed relentlessly across the globe from Glastonbury Festival to Downtown Los Angeles, a set before Underworld at Tropico Festival in Mexico and many more.

He says, "For five years I’ve been using the names of politicians to create pieces of music. This formula has enabled me to create characters and give a fun visual identity to each song. For months now, I have been working on new productions, but I wanted to end this politician cycle in style with two songs - the final bouquet."

'Bayrou' is a politician who had to leave the government barely after entering it after being indicted for embezzlement of public funds. It's a timeless electronic disco sound with sugary chords and glistening arps that bring cosmic warmth to the retro-future beats. ‘Copé’ is a politician who disappeared suddenly from circulation after publicly mistaking the price of a ‘pain au chocolat’. The fantastic tune is a prickly seven-minute disco odyssey with pulsating synth sequences and crunchy percussion. It's twitchy and edgy and perfect for peak time.

First to remix is the legendary François K, who flips 'Copé' into a psychedelic wonder that navigates in different directions and through several genres that will make dancers lose their minds. Scandi-disco king Lindstrøm then comes through with an exotic remix of ‘Bayrou' that makes you imagine a cocktail pool party filmed by David Lynch.

Venerated veterans Daniele Baldelli & Dionigi are the perfect artists to serve up a tribute to Italo-disco with their brilliant take on ‘Bayrou’, and Rigopolar shows he is a master magician of minimal disco with his seductive remix of 'Cope'. Freudenthal, a former member of the Pardon Moi group, cooks up two remixes of ‘Copé’ stuffed with cortisone and muscular beats and DiskJokke, a talented Norwegian space disco pioneer, brings serious old school rave to his version of 'Cope.' Last of all, Josh Ludlow's remix of the same tune has a super nostalgic and bright ’80s drum machine feel.

This is a bumper package that covers all shades of disco in style.


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