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Dreamrdreamr drops new EP ‘Through the Elements’ on Seb Wildblood's ‘all my thoughts’ imprint

Hailing from London, visual artist, DJ, and producer DreamrDreamr graces ‘all my thoughts’ with the mesmerizing 'Through The Elements'. The Rinse FM resident further explores the deeper realms of her artistic vision, bursting open her desired dream state and inviting listeners into an EP filled with heartfelt hope.

The EP opens with the sound of gently aged keys in 'Antique Blue'. This lightly crushed piano leads the way through a refreshingly sharp jungle-infused track. Bitcrushed chimes wrap around the ears, and an ever-evolving drum beat keeps the energy high. A softly spoken vocal delicately slips in and out of the compelling arrangement.

'Friends that Shimmer in the Dance' is propelled by tight drums and sweeping pads that nod to early Chicago House. The deep, low-end grounds fluttering percussion that dances off an effortlessly infectious one-syllable vocal hook. The EP is filled with beautifully saturated warmth, creating an intriguing blend between cinematic textures and club-driven instrumentation.

Taking its place as the third track in the EP, the hopeful 'Synced Sorrow' is an anthemic and breaks-driven track which harks back to the golden age of deep house with rolling subs and a graceful, ethereal vocal.

The closing track, 'Pink Lakes in the Parallel', paints a soundscape evenly filled with the darkness of the urban and the divine of vast oceans. If there was a way to hear heat haze, it would be this. Shimmering vocals performed by DreamrDreamr herself sit comfortably amongst luscious synths and the delicious popping of a tasteful bit crusher.

The combination of energetic club emotion and soothing ambient soundscapes results in an esoteric, hopeful record that softly calms the existential. With a string of revered releases behind her and ever-impressive sets at the likes of Fabric, DreamrDreamr broadens her sonic horizons, delving deep into abundant sonic skills that illuminate her refreshingly enigmatic approach to production.

Dreamrdreamr's ‘Through The Elements’ EP arrives digitally via ‘all my thoughts’ on May 31st, 2024, with lead single ‘Antique Blue’ available on May 10th.


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