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Dreamscape - Welcome To Our New Age House [ World Building ]

Text: Stunt Keaton

Everybody that love music knows this feeling when an absolutely unbelievable record apears in their hands. All the universe conspire to bring to you this music miracle. I can remember the day Carlos Flavio Bustos, as known as Black Flaming Disco Driver, show me the record I´m talking asking me: " you have to listen this, you have to get it" and the rest is history.

Days ago I had the oportunity to chat with Dreamscape aka Ed Marshall about this clear example of 90´s house music: "Werlcome To Our New Age House". We could analyce every song but the whole package makes a difference. In 2018, Ari Goldman World Building owner, reissue this timeless LP to the delight of audience and gave the oportunity to play this huges tunes in twenty one century.

Ed, Ari and Flavio a huge thank you.


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