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Edie Yvonne Showcases Her Pop Chops

A most enjoyable new track release just came from Edie Yvonne that displays a bright and seemingly honest pop adventure.

This track is made up of excellent sounds, songwriting and arrangement along with quite a performance.

The "Eyes of Lies" release has a great dreamy vibe to it and sort of floats around with a sparkling but soft pop Style.

Edie seems to be quite natural when it comes to this style, and this is just the beginning of her journey as she is learning the ropes and doing an amazing job of creating her own personal path and pop music.

Here's what the artist had to say about her track; " The music I am making now is a place to put my emotional life. It has become a way of both releasing and nourishing pain and loss lyrically with the hope that it resonates with others. I feel more open and less restrained."

So, you can see that she is now becoming the artist she's been aiming to be, and this single is a taste of what's to come.

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