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Rising Honduran-American DJ and producer, Edwin teams up with Morgan Page for his latest collection of tracks. The 2-track “Greenlight” EP features a new club single from the rising talent accompanied by an official remix from Grammy-nominated producer Morgan Page. Edwin’s original blends elements of deep and progressive house, while Page’s rework ups the ante to deliver an invigorating piano house cut. Both versions of “Greenlight” are out now across all streaming platforms.

Edwin carefully layers electronic elements in “Greenlight” to create an infectious dance record with timeless melodies - showcasing himself as one to watch in the evergrowing class of up-and-coming producers. The track is slowly and peacefully welcomed with tones that set a dreamy, atmospheric mood. The top line drops into the track in the verse, taking center stage, while glistening synths and clapping uplift the mood. As the song starts to build, backing vocals and lustrous textures create a sense of anticipation until the chorus climaxes with driving percussive elements and commanding vocals. This offering serves as a showcase of Edwin’s originality and a testament to the evolving production technique that he embodies.

“Greenlight’ is one of my favorite records produced yet and a true representation of my sound. I can’t wait for the new upcoming releases and I'm thrilled to share them with the world. It’s an absolute honor to have Morgan Page work his magic on ‘Greenlight.’ Morgan's remix not only exceeded my expectations but also brought a fresh, unique perspective that took the song to a whole new level. I'm truly inspired by his music and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity for him to remix my new track.”

- Edwin

Morgan Page’s official remix elevates the original record, infusing energetic and uplifting sonic elements. The project arrives on the heels of his recent collaboration with farfetch’d, “Runaway (ft. The Dirty Rich),” which landed on Spinnin’ Records. With its marimba-inspired sounds and upbeat tempo, the remix feels like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day. Featuring a chorus that weaves a sonic tapestry and builds tension with every note, Page’s remix captures the essence of the original track, while masterfully blending in fresh sonic ingredients that evoke the spirit of a hot summer day in Ibiza.

“Really excited for people to hear my Greenlight remix - it's piano house meets future house with uplifting vocals. I love merging synthetic and organic sounds and I think everything just came together on this one.

- Morgan Page

Edwin's passion for music started at a young age, and he has since taken the industry by storm. At just 16 years old, he opened for well-known acts like Steve Aoki, Hardwell, and Feed Me. Having honed his skills as a producer while collaborating with renowned artists such as Steve James and John Debo, Edwin is eager to demonstrate the full extent of his versatile production technique to the world.

ABOUT EDWIN -- Up-and-coming talent, Edwin, began his musical journey at an early age, leading him to open for acts such as Steve Aoki, Harwell, and Feed Me, as well as performing at the esteemed Miami venue, Revolution at the age of 16. After finishing high school, Edwin attended both Point Blank Music School in London and then ICON Collective to study music production and sound engineering. Currently, the young talent is co-writing and producing with industry leader, John Debo, and is writing for artists such as INOJ and CNCO.


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