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Eklectic Sounds presents… Vincere - Stay Funky EP

Release Date: 12-0ct-2023

Vincere's first professionally mastered and distributed EP is titled "Stay Funky" and is the first release on the newly founded multi-genre label, "Eklectic Sounds," brought to you by Uniting Souls founder Ramiro Gutierrez.

Written during his two-year internship with "Uniting Souls Music", a well-respected house name in the Seattle underground, Vincere’s album is a testament to his indoctrination into the city's music community. "Stay Funky" includes a range of tracks, including the self-titled track (his first completed track since his reintroduction to production) and his Beatport charting single "Groove" featuring Jay Cates.

Vincere finds excitement in every part of the creative process. He challenges himself to omit the use of pre-made loops, enjoys spending hours fine-tuning his custom sound design, and takes every opportunity he can to work with local talent. This gives way to his notably original sound, which shines through the spectrum of house genres that encompass this release.

Vincere - Artist Bio:

"It was when I first witnessed people dancing to my music that I knew I was already living my dream."

Vincere - a Seattle transplant from central Minnesota - was born into a musically gifted family. During his youth, he excelled in choir, orchestra, and jazz band. It was through these platforms that he learned music would be an integral part of his life.

He started writing at the age of 15, during the birth of the dubstep era of modern electronic dance music. Then began independently releasing numerous tracks on his SoundCloud account under the moniker "Bank F'zarz". Struggling to find meaningful purpose in his seemingly fictitious dream of producing electronic music, he fell into a 12-year hiatus.

At the age of 27, he found himself immersed in the Seattle music scene for the second time. It was this community that gave him the drive to leave his job in the financial industry and chase his dreams instead of trading his humanity for a guaranteed paycheck.

This led to the realization that neither financial nor public success were the reasons he needed to find drive in pursuing a career in music. This was reinforced when he was given the opportunity to play his first set, opening the mainstage at Monkey Loft (Seattle, WA) in 2022 on December 31st during Uniting Souls Music's Diggin' Deep NYE party. It was paying witness to people grooving to his original tracks that compelled him to perform at other Uniting Souls' events, the White Center Block Party, and Eventually finish his first 5 track EP.

Vincere aims to dissolve the barriers that the current multi-genre system of electronic dance music can impose on the community, as well as the creatives that offer their art to the scene. His current goals consist of building a career as an all-genre producer, DJ, and promoter in the Seattle area. With a focus on bringing unknown artists to light and dissolving the masculine dominance of the music community as a whole.



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