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Eren Erdol feat. Jordan Grace - Listen to Your Heart

Petra Digital Recordings proudly announces the release of "Listen to Your Heart," a dynamic new single from Istanbul’s Eren Erdol featuring American vocalist Jordan Grace, renowned for collaborations with Armin Van Buuren. Scheduled for release on Friday, May 24, 2024, this single marks a significant moment for both artists, showcasing their talents and making their mark in 2024.

"Listen to Your Heart" comprises three versions: the Radio Mix, the Original Mix, and an amazing remix by Siwell, a notable figure from Toolroom Records. Each version offers a unique auditory experience; the Original Mix envelops listeners with lush melodic vocals, deep synth, and bassline elements paired with a vibrant beat that commands attention. In contrast, the Siwell Remix transforms the piece into a robust Club focussed beat, which Siwell himself describes as having "strong potential to hit the dance floors."

Erdol, the Istanbul-based artist and label boss at Petra Recordings, continues to refine his approach to music production, blending intricate melodies with sophisticated rhythms to create intriguing listening experiences. "Listen to Your Heart" reflects this work. As the music industry looks forward to the summer season, this release from Petra Digital Recordings is poised to steal a march on the rest.


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