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EREZ celebrates sexuality on soul-stirring new single ‘In The Open’

LA-based queer artist and innovator EREZ weaves a path between untamed hedonism and bold introspection on ‘In The Open’, her dazzling new single out on September 13, 2023.

‘In The Open’ is at turns both beguiling and uplifting, showing off EREZ’s talent for soul-bearing songcraft. Delicate piano, haunting synths, and the artist’s show-stopping vocals all set the scene for a storming chorus. “They say I’m not normal but I don’t give a f***”. goes the defiant mantra, celebrating queer love as the song transforms from a heartfelt, cinematic love story to an upbeat, synth-driven outro that evokes an orgasmic climax. This is pure euphoria—an immersive experience of intimacy, desire, and love.

“I wrote this song after I found myself deeply in love with a woman for the first time”, EREZ says about the track’s origins. “It was a time in my life when I was exploring my own sexuality, feeling empowered by embracing this journey. Like all new love, it inspired me to create songs that captured the essence of the heart, specifically for this person.The song's storyline shaped its musical progression, mirroring the arc of a sex and intimacy between lovers. It begins with gentle foreplay, where energy and tension fill the air. The beat kicks in, the guitar gets distorted, and things start heating up, just like clothes coming off.”

The track also comes with a music video produced, directed and edited by EREZ’s partner and visual artist Madi Tanguay, who also dances in it. Exquisitely choreographed, the visual which began life as an entirely separate piece is an embodiment of intimate connection, seamlessly merging the artistic practices of EREZ and Madi.

“As I embarked on creating this video, I didn't know where it would find its place” says Madi, the director. “The initial version of the video was a twelve-minute abstract artistic piece, accompanied by original music EREZ made for it. However, as she approached the release of her new song, we spontaneously decided to watch the video one night, overlaying 'In the Open' on top of it, and it was an absolute revelation. Our individual pieces seamlessly merged and found their destined connection.”

EREZ’s unique upbringing — NYC born, Israeli-raised, and now L.A. based -- has afforded her the opportunity to embrace a worldly sound. She’s a queer female artist who floats in a realm where late-night dance parties and heady self-reflection intertwine.

To celebrate the final day of PRIDE month, EREZ launched her first series of events along with her label imprint IN THE OPEN at much-loved queer club Akbar in LA. With sets from Ladies of Leisure, BJ Panda Bear, and EREZ herself, the label promises to be full of vibrance, innovation, exploration of creativity and one big Yalla!

‘In The Open’ sums up EREZ’s considerable strengths; a new single that is sure to stir the soul as well as heat up the dancefloor.

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