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Eric Ross releases "Rock Me Baby"

Eric Ross releases "Rock Me Baby"

With a raw energy that seizes your soul, Eric Ross debuts his latest: "Rock Me Baby". This release isn't merely the inaugural emission from his new label, I LOVE SUNDAZE; it is the sonic embodiment of Ross's vision for day-time revelry around the globe. Ross masterfully weaves the compelling, tantalizing vocal through a labyrinth of crisp shakers, hats, and percussions, crafting a sound that straddles the realms of warehouse 5 am and sunlit party atmosphere.

With "Rock Me Baby", Eric Ross embarks on a temporal journey. It's simultaneously a love letter to timeless house classics and a beacon propelling us into the future of poolside and sunrise celebrations. Released on a summer Saturday, the 17th of June 2023, Ross offers a balm for party-starved souls, a musical promise of new beginnings.


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