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Featured Band: Night Protocol

Actualizado: 19 dic 2022

Night Protocol is a Vermont based pop group that focuses on synthesized sounds and capturing a retro style. The new record checks all the boxes and if you are in search of a great synthpop band that does it right, then this band is for you.

Night Protocol began in 2017 as a 3-piece synthwave outfit and have since expanded to a full 5-piece band who performs live. Although their sounds and production styles have evolved, the band has always created music with a nostalgic impact and driving electronic elements. “In the earliest days of our band, we embraced ‘synthwave’ as a musical genre and aesthetic. Although we still retain a love for the classic sounds and styles that inspire electronic music as we know it today, this album (Static) seeks to expand the bounds of synthwave to create our own unique blend of electronic and organic instruments. While many synthwave artists are completely dependent on the electronics and software that emulate classic sounds, this album seeks to redefine the process with live instrumentation, analog synthesizers, and new production methods to unite the sounds of the past, present, and future,” says the band of their progression in songwriting. Exploding with analog synthesizers, saxophone and guitar solos, and a thick palette to keep songs genuine, Night Protocol have made it their mission to take the genre into new arenas, and their latest album “Static” is a testament to how they have grown. - Bio Spotify -


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