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Felllow Alliances release Fellow Alliances

The self-named LP from Fellow Alliances is set to release this spring 2023 on Secret Lovers Records. The album boasts an expansive collection of audio excellence that transcends traditional genre boundaries, encompassing ambient experimental electronics and unconventional dreamy electric soundscapes.

This collaboration is a product of the artists' youth and the amalgamation of various styles and inspirations that form a cohesive journey through the celestial sound of Fellow Alliances. Featuring an impressive roster of collaborators including Johanna Moffitt, Laura Marin, and Natti Vogel, the album draws on elements of classical, jazz, and indie sounds to create an operatic dance experience reminiscent of the 90s club kid party scene. Prepare to be transported through a crossover of soundscapes that evoke dreamlike landscapes and an otherworldly experience.


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