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Five reasons why sound producers and DJs should start working with Volumo

The Ukrainian-Estonian project Volumo may become one of the breakthroughs in the music tech world this year. This new electronic music store offers users new options missing in other stores and lays out the development vector for all new-generation online stores. Volumo has a strong team of former DJs and label managers, Anton Severynenko and Denys Borysov, and Olexander Dzyubenko, an IT manager with many years of experience with Avid Technology, the company behind Pro Tools.

We created an account with Volumo to dive deeper into its offerings. We immediately found five reasons for all sound producers and DJs to do the same.

1.Diversify your monetization

The amount of electronic music in the world today is enormous. According to IMS, more than 130,000 professional electronic artists worldwide and another 11 million write and release electronic music, dreaming that this activity will become their primary job. But only a few shops sell this music. Of course, everyone knows Beatport. And the most advanced artists are also aware of Traxsource and Juno Download. Volumo is an excellent addition to this concise list. The manufacturer of any product understands the basic principle: the more points of sale for their products, the better! No one has yet refused additional monetization, especially if it is as easy as uploading your releases or the entire back catalog to the site.

2.Control your pricing

For years, the electronic scene has debated fair rates for stores, distributors, labels, and artists. The British duo Audiojack even wrote an open letter on the subject, where they noted that the author received too little and asked Beatport to allow artists to set the price for their work. A few years later, Beatport still didn't. Volumo, in turn, provides an excellent opportunity for internal regulation in the electronic music market. Quality music should cost a lot more, and you decide how much your track costs.

3.Show off your selector skills

Volumo calls itself an artist-centric platform that gives artists maximum freedom. The site actively supports DJs and pays a fee to the compilers of DJ Charts. It is an unprecedented opportunity to monetize your tracks and skills in selection and influence.

4.Access a neatly curated catalog of high quality

Many DJs complain that they must listen to thousands of tracks in one sitting to find 4-5 superb releases. Today music e-stores and streaming services are flooded with low-quality spammy music. The low barrier to entry into the industry, which automated aggregators like Tunecore or Distrokid provoked, has led to more than 40% of releases on Spotify (millions of records) getting fewer than ten streams. Beatport or Bandcamp keep such data private but periodically try to clean their catalogs from tracks that no one buys. However, it is a challenging task when you already have millions of releases on your site. Volumo, given this experience, decided to become a curated store moderated manually. A smaller selection of music is available, but its level is much higher. DJs will spend much less time finding their portion of peak-time dancefloor killers for the night.

5.Streamline your workflow and DJ library

If you are primarily a DJ, you can quickly find the music you need on Volumo and set up a full-fledged workflow here. Purchased tracks remain in your media library. You can compile personal tracklists, prepare a future set, and follow artists and labels to stay in sync. Volumo is a unified workstation for music discovery and DJ set preparedness, presented in an accessible and convenient form. Worth checking out and giving it a try!

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anna key
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