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FRAXA presents Hypnotic Tales EP

FRAXA is a DJ and producer based in Barcelona associated with the minimal and microhouse genres who has established himself as an artist thanks to his lifelong passion for music.

Today, FRAXA performs in clubs and works on his own project with his partner Paula GM, called Algorythm. He now releases the EP: Hypnotic Tales EP. In this work he immerses us in the magic of intricately crafted tracks that feature smooth rhythms and meticulous attention to detail. His sonic approach starts from what is popular and takes it to a current scenario where synths and fresh and cosmopolitan electronic rhythms make us imagine a free and brave world.

The result is a work that provokes dancing and delights the soul with pure hedonism, through elegance and sophistication, inviting you to enjoy it in the middle of the night on the best dancefloors on the planet. We are, without a doubt, facing a surprising and excellent work, dazzling and exportable; created from talent, meticulousness and sound coherence.


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