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Future Self release "Miramar"

Future Self release "Miramar"

Future Self's latest release, "Miramar" is a blend of deep melodic italo house that captures the essence of an idyllic island sunset party. Released under Self Control on December 8, 2023, this record is an example of Future Self's ability to fuse diverse influences into a harmonious whole.

"Miramar" original mix is a journey through lush melodies and intricate rhythms, evoking images of the sun setting over the ocean, with the beach party's energy subtly transitioning from day to night. The track's deep italo house roots are evident in its rhythmic sophistication, which is balanced with emotive melodies.

The "Drama in the Sauna Remix" offers a different vibe, with a slightly more energetic tempo. It retains the essence of the original but adds an extra layer of intensity, making it perfect for later in the evening when the party picks up.

Overall, "Miramar" is an outstanding release from Future Self, demonstrating their knack for creating music that is both chill and energetic - if you get my drift.


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