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Groove Access Presents: Chicago Is Home Vol.2

Groove Access Presents: Chicago Is Home Vol.2

Embarking on a sonic pilgrimage to the Windy City's music scene, "Chicago Is Home Vol.2" by Groove Access Records, unveiled on the crisp autumn day of October 5, 2023, is a digital ode to the city that cradles house music. It begins with "Bandleaders" by Ed Nine & Kid Enigma, a narrative that pulsates with Chicago's rhythmic heart, creating a bridge from raw yesteryears to today’s innovative soundscape. Its raw 4x4 drum beats entwined with a classic melody echo the house in its undiluted form.

jSquare entices listeners to "Get Wicked", weaving vocal hooks with hard-knocking rhythm, a testament to Chicago’s infectious and versatile tune. It's a riveting precursor to Geto Mark's "Move", a gritty emblem of Ghetto House that serves the authentic Chicago sound on a silver platter.

This collection reminisces Chicago’s rich musical lineage, but places a contemporary lens on the undying spirit of its artists.


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