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Hadaddi von Engst Drops 'The BIG' on You Plus One with a Stellar Mollono.Bass Remix

In the dynamic realm of electronic music, Haddadi Von Engst, the powerhouse duo returns with an audacious sonic venture titled 'The BIG.' This marks their fifth EP collaboration with the esteemed Canadian label, promising listeners an exploration of Afro-infused beats combined with an unapologetically bold musical journey. Unlike conventional releases, 'The BIG' is more than just another addition to HVE's chart-topping repertoire. It stands as a testament to the duo's unyielding commitment to sonic excellence, a manifestation of their relentless pursuit of dancefloor perfection that has become their trademark.

What sets this release apart is not just the infectious organic rhythm and melody; it's also the collaboration with North-Eastern Germany's electronic maestro, Mollono.Bass. Mollono.Bass transforms the original track into a deeper, more nuanced composition. Through a subtle play of clubby Tech elements and groovy drum work, he adds his signature touch, elevating 'The BIG' to a remix beyond expectations. As Haddadi Von Engst and Mollono.Bass join forces, 'The BIG' becomes more than a mere musical creation—it's a fusion of artistic prowess and collaborative brilliance. The result is an EP that transcends the boundaries of traditional electronic music, inviting listeners on an immersive journey through genres between afro and deep house.


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