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Hermetics launches Otherness label with bold 6-track 'Prometheus Rising' EP

Colombian DJ and Producer Hermetics returns with Prometheus Rising, a bold six-track EP which propels you into a brave new world, in which AI and high technology intertwine with nature and techno-pagan spirituality. A utopian future where the spirit of Prometheus (the Greek god who moulded humans from clay and gave them technology) provides a unifying force to reignite the spirit of humanity.

Prometheus Rising is released 29th February on Otherness – Hermetics’s very own brand-new label where the Buenos Aires based virtuoso can release and curate music with total artistic freedom. These six tracks beam you up into the Promethean realm, leading you on a journey into the next age…an epoch defined by exploration, freedom, and boundless creativity.

The first track on the Prometheus Rising EP, Hyperion, guides you through a melancholic, dystopian soundscape of jungle and breakbeat with a mystical, esoteric touch. With a nod to ‘Future Sounds of London’, Hyperion represents the fall before the rise of the Promethean age.

This sets the scene perfectly for the title track Prometheus Rising. Hermetics revives the big beat feeling of the 90s, mixing you a punchy cocktail with industrial, tribal, and techno influences, to tell the story of a future where technology, nature, science, and spirituality are in perfect balance.

Hero's Journey takes you on a voyage of deep introspection, traversing the most hidden corners of your subconscious, calling you to pass through the dark night of the soul and emerge in a higher state of consciousness. Ritualistic and hypnotic rhythms combine with ancestral voices to transport you into a literal and musical jungle.

Reborn is an alchemic transformation ritual. Earthly rhythms and synths are locked in battle with the ethereal flute, as it calls your soul upwards into the sky. Think acid house and big beat - underground raves in abandoned places and the fractal minimalism of Steve Reich.

Howl ignites your Viking warrior strength, linking you with your ancestors and invoking the spirits of nature. Inspired by Norse music, Howl opens your eyes to the magical world that lies beyond the everyday, calling you to release your primal howl.

Rites Of A Space Age concludes this incredible journey through age of Prometheus, into a distant future where the human race becomes interplanetary. This is the soundtrack to an initiation into a clandestine, secret society. Aphex Twin and Drill music combine with a slick, Sci-fi feel. After experiencing Prometheus Rising, you will truly feel like Hermetics has taken you into the future and lead you back again, ready and waiting for your next sonic adventure. 


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