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In a ground-breaking sonic adventure, the brilliant bass artist Hexic makes his Subcarbon Records debut, immersing fans in a realm where imagination knows no bounds with his latest 11-track musical masterpiece ‘Archetype’. Designed with precision and an acute sense for storytelling, this album invites listeners to a whimsically orchestrated, bass-infused universe adorned with playful narratives and surprising turns. A daring fusion of genres promises to captivate a vast spectrum of listeners, ‘Archetype’ is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Subcarbon Records .

The odyssey commences with the intriguing “Sales Pitch”. Kicking off the album with a playful narrative, the track lays the foundation for the imaginative and immersive voyage that lies ahead. "Cookin' With Hexic" simmers as listeners are whisked into a surreal kitchen where Hexic masterfully prepares a fiery musical banquet. Guided by a rhythmic bassline and an arresting beat, he artfully navigates listeners through the savory layers of this sumptuous track. In “Menagerie”, Hexic crafts a tumultuous journey saturated with deep bass. As he releases a tempestuous symphony reminiscent of a chaotic zoo, listeners are irresistibly drawn into its audacious embrace.

“"Pirates? Gangsters? A… Cooking Show? With Archetype, Hexic proudly exclaims: YES! In this quirky, bombastic debut album from Hexic, nothing is held back. Each track a departure from the last, Archetype is an eclectic, electric multi-genre adventure sure to keep you guessing until the very end. Join Hexic as he weaves characters, bass, and magic into one unforgettable debut." -HEXIC

Continuing the journey, “Gangsters”' showcases Hexic's knack for storytelling. The track weaves a tale of mischief and rebellion, all set to a rhythm that's irresistibly entrancing. Meanwhile, “Private Eye” serves as a delightful interlude, changing tempo with its vibrant drum and bass cadence. Its enthralling storyline pairs seamlessly with its melodies, resulting in a track that's as audibly enchanting as it is entertaining. In “Workplace Safety”, Hexic cleverly blends his signature creative chaos with a tongue-in-cheek nod to safety. This comedic mock PSA light-heartedly underscores the importance of caution, even in the midst of crafting an explosive album.

A standout moment in the album is "Talent Show" – transporting listeners to the unexpected backdrop of Sunny Skies retirement home. With his electric beats and quirky narrative, Hexic stirs up a delightful chaos, leaving the audience both amused and enthralled by his warbly basslines and lively percussive elements. "High Seas" sails listeners through a nautical odyssey, resonating with maritime melodies, echoing synths, and siren-esque harmonies that truly encapsulate the essence of the deep blue. "Steampunk" introduces a riveting change in tempo, captivating listeners with its vigorous energy and dominant basslines, ensuring they stay engaged and enthralled.

"Mind Control" casts a mesmerizing spell that irresistibly draws listeners into its danceable rhythm, hypnotizing with every beat.. With Hexic at the helm, the track showcases his musical prowess boasting vibrant bassline and captivating melody that prove enchantingly inescapable. Concluding the album, "Bedtime" serves as Hexic's masterful final note, elegantly weaving together the narrative threads. This last spoken track not only satiates listeners but also leaves them eagerly anticipating his next creative venture.

Spanning the breadth of 11 tracks, ‘Archetype’ paints a vivid tableau of both ethereal narratives and commanding basslines. The LP unveils a canvas filled with distinctive auditory hues, with every track resonating with its own storytelling essence. Hexic’s craftsmanship places a pronounced emphasis on enveloping the listener within the album's dance-centric realm, quenching their auditory thirst with profound bass-driven melodies. Released under the banner of SubCarbon Records, a beacon led by the illustrious Ganja White Night, the album is a testament to the label’s storied tradition of unearthing raw talent, nurturing unparalleled creativity, and redefining the boundaries of bass music innovation. As 'Archetype' unfolds, it signals a pivotal moment in Hexic's musical journey, epitomizing the label's commitment to championing groundbreaking creativity and embracing the beauty in sonic diversity.

ABOUT HEXIC --- Emerging from undisclosed origins, Hexic represents a new paradigm in the realm of electronic soundscapes. With a flair for blending eclectic auditory elements, he is committed to delivering musical wizardry of the highest order. While he certainly wouldn't profess to penning his own bios, Hexic dedicates his time to mastering his craft and elevating the sonic experience for his audience


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