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Hot Oasis - Farfasha

Sabo's record label, Sol Selectas, presents a sun-drenched organic house EP by Egyptian artist Hot Oasis, which also includes a stunning solo rework from A X L, plus a psychedelic collaborative remix by Sabo and Sarkis Mikael.

Hot Oasis is well known for his previous releases on Sol Selectas and other prestigious record labels ranging from Lump Records to Stil vor Talent. His sound is inspired by the desert sands, ancient artifacts and pyramids of Egypt. This gives his tracks a mystical vibe that's full of enchantment and wonder.

On remix duty, Sabo has teamed up with fellow American artist, Sarkis Mikael.

Both based in Los Angeles, this is the first time these two globe-trotting artists have teamed up in the Studio. Heavily influenced by the different cultures they have experienced on their travels; they are kindred spirits who share the same philosophy of life and music. Individually, they have contributed music to other record labels such as Pipe & Pochet, Hoomidaas, Beat & Path, and REDOLENT.

A X L is an Egyptian artist making a return to Sol Selectas after a recent contribution to the imprint's Global Entry 5 compilation. He has a compelling style that takes music from traditional Egyptian culture, and mixes them with a modern electronic sound. He has also featured this unique style on other respected organic house labels such as trndmsk, Kosa and Camel Riders.

"Ghazali" is the EP's opening track, and it centres round the emotional tones of Egyptian vocalist Aziza. Her haunting vocals are layered over flowing percussion that's shrouded by majestic pads and the rhythmic notation of the melody. The track's title translates to "beautiful person" in Arabic slang.

"Farfasha" combines breakbeat drum patterns with sparkling santoor chords that along with the throb off the bass synth, form a bouncing groove. Sweeping pads provide moody suspense, while the track unfolds to release its splendor upon the world. The santoor is played by Bahramji who also adds some atmospheric vocals to the track, and the title translates as "Happy" in Egyptian.

Sabo and Sarkis Mikael's remix of "Farfasha" brings out the original's vocals to become a prominent feature, and switches the groove to a four/four kick pattern. It's a cinematic version that also lifts the energy while building suspense.

A X L's remix of "Ghazali" lifts the tempo and toughens the percussion to create an upbeat version with a new lead melody and trippy synth modulations that give his rework a cosmic vibe. The use of Arabic melodies and keyboard solos fill this version with exuberant personality.

The cover art by Helia Jamali guides us through the staircase to the portal of light and happiness.


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