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Hotboxx - ’All The Smoke’ - January

Hotboxx’s radio show ‘All The Smoke’ continues to light up the airwaves, bringing hard-hitting music with each and every episode. As January delivered another month of striking listens, captivating fans with track listings that were certainly high in energy and electrifying in sound, Hotboxx guaranteed his radio show continues to garner attention, drawing in listeners from all over the globe. With a host of guests joining last month’s collection of episodes, from Alexion to FYNUTZU to Illyus & Barrientos, ‘All The Smoke’ provided a listening experience that was as diverse as it was groovy.

Through the January episodes, Hotboxx offered tracks from a variety of Artists, shining a light on some of the genre’s well-known tracks, such as ‘No More Runnin’ by Animal Collective and Duke’s ‘So In Love With You’, whilst providing a platform for budding Producers like Yugo Sanchez and Mar’ One. With a penchant for showcasing the rising stars within Electronic Music, Hotboxx appears as a loyal supporter, actively advocating for the growth and evolvement of the genre he is so passionate about. 

Last month’s episodes also acted as the perfect opportunity for Hotboxx to introduce his own work, including his collaboration with Vampire Sex titled, ‘Roatan’, alongside other material from his production catalogue, Hotboxx made sure his vibrant and colourful sound shined through. A true tastemaker when it comes to producing, highlighting, and discovering the hottest sounds of Electronic Music, Hotboxx certainly remains determined in his pursuit to make his radio show stand out.  

As an extra treat during January, Hotboxx invited guest stars onto ‘All The Smoke’, welcoming them to the decks to deliver mixes that certainly kept the funky vibes high. As Hotboxx balanced the listening experience with episodes from the up-and-coming Producers, Alexion and FYNUTZU, with a guest mix from the well-known duo Illyus & Barrientos, fans of the show are sure to have been impressed by the quality featured last month. With the level and status of Hotboxx’s guest stars continuing to grow, the reputation of Hotboxx himself is no doubt becoming more notable, appearing as a credit to his rising popularity and influence within Electronic Music today. 

As ‘All The Smoke’ continues to cement itself as the go-to destination for the Tech House community, Hotboxx’s own dominance within Electronic Music keeps growing, cementing him as an unmissable talent on the scene. Having balanced delivering stellar episodes of ‘All The Smoke’ with a consistent release schedule, Hotboxx has ensured his start to 2024 leaves an impression. So, make sure to keep tuning in as Hotboxx promises more pulse-racing episodes throughout February.

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