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Ika Sile and DJ Physical presents ALL SET in Chapeau Music

Led by Ika Sile and DJ Physical, two of the most promising and avant-garde techno producers of the moment, they now present: “All Set EP”.

"All Set" opens this incredible EP, dense acid lines and convincing vocal phrases based on a hypnotic drum line with tracks and pads characterized by a slightly trance touch. On a track like this it becomes law to move fast, letting yourself be carried away by the energy of the misty mood of the song.

The "All Set" remix comes from one of Italy's best techno producers, Hanubis. His reinterpretation of the original makes the song even stronger and more impactful, the straight 4/4 kick drum and deep bass are Hanubis trademark. A remix designed to literally destroy the dance floor.

The EP continues with the 140 BPM mix of "Not In a Hurry" done in collaboration with DJ Physical. Here at first you can feel the thrill of playing music with your hands, hear the sweet synth that opens the track, fast forward into an emotional mix of dark and bright that feels like it could belong in high-ranking venues as well. transgressive underground clubs. "Not In A Hurry" correctly plays everything from 303 to ethereal trance synths and breakbeat techno.

Stepping into the darkness, 'Diamond Extractor' literally sounds like a dark old school 90's techno rave track, its ethereal synth pattern and textures providing an elevated and alienating sonic experience.

"All Set EP" explores the outer limits of techno, trance and club looking to the future in a passionate and captivating EP.

“All Set EP” can and should be heard as a piece of timeless music that conveys a positive idea in times of conflict, and its aesthetic appeals to the most basic, deep and receptive of the spirit. Ika Sile and DJ Physical, in short, design a wide and fragile sound to listen and feel from the depths.

Ika Sile and DJ Physical's mastery of the language is total, and here they have delved back into the past to be inspired by another verse, more forceful and melancholy, but no less evocative. All in all, we can safely say that this “All Set EP” is on the verge of excellence.


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