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Hailing from the small town of Barinas in Venezuela, Amal Nemer has seamlessly integrated her Lebanese heritage into Miami's dynamic and competitive electronic tech house music scene. This up-and-coming Miami-based DJ and producer recently unveiled her exclusive track titled “Burning” with In/Rotation, a distinctive platform by Insomniac Records that encourages artists of all levels to showcase their music. Through this latest track, she invites listeners to experience a harmonious blend of cultures, embracing the beauty of diversity while celebrating the universal language of rhythm and expression. Alongside launching her North American tour, Amal has also announced her first European tour, with dates in Ibiza, Barcelona, and Cyprus.

“Burning” promises to captivate its audience with a seamless fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, creating a tantric, hypnotic experience. Through the interplay of driving percussive elements and emotive vocal delivery, “Burning” transports listeners to a space of both introspection and liberation. Amal skillfully crafts a pulsating heartbeat that propels the track forward, complemented by intricate rhythms from drums, shakers, and stirring vocals. The rhythmic complexity not only energizes but also forms a foundation for the evocative vocals, ensuring that each beat resonates with depth and emotion. “Burning” is meticulously designed to reflect a journey of transformation, making it more than just a song, but a representation of change and growth.

Born in Venezuela and bringing her Lebanese roots into the melting pot of Miami’s eclectic electronic tech house scene, Amal Nemer has redefined what it means to be an “emerging female tech house artist.” Despite her brief time in the competitive industry, Amal has ascended as a rising artist since 2021, releasing music on esteemed labels such as Moon Harbour, Glasgow Underground, Nervous Records, Made in Miami, and Farris Wheel, making her way into BeatPort’s top 100 with instant hits like “Shot Por Mi,” “A Good Song,” and “Feelings.” In March 2024, Amal continued her streak with the single “Yo Tengo Los Poderes.” With its relentless four-on-the-floor rhythm, “Yo Tengo Los Poderes” offers an adrenaline-fueled sonic journey, enhanced by Amal's seductive vocals.

In Spanish, Amal means “Hope” and “Hard Work.” The dynamic powerhouse truly embodies her name, with each track reflecting her hopes for her audience to connect with her emotions and the power of manifestation. Her newly launched party, Manifest, which debuted at Miami’s 1-800-Lucky in March 2024, epitomizes this life outlook, creating a space for escapism, hope, love, and above all, dance.

With the unique release of “Burning” through Insomniac Records, Amal Nemer's revolution within the tech house industry is poised to create a powerful ripple effect, elevating her career to new heights and creating a platform of recognition for female artists.

North America/ Europe Tour Dates

April 26th SLS Miami Beach Miami, FL

April 27th Elixir Orlando, FL

May 3rd Primary Chicago, IL

May 10th Listen Brooklyn, NY

May 17th Spazio WPB, FL

May 19th Strawberry Moon Pool Miami Beach, FL

May 24th Hangar Dallas, TX

June 7th Celine Rooftop, Orlando, FL

June 8th Twelve After Twelve Washington, DC

June 14th District Atlanta, GA

June 15th Rituals, Charlotte, NC

June 22nd After brunch, Boston, MA

July 5th Story Tellers at Cova Santa Ibiza, ES

July 9th Noxe at W Barcelona, ES

July 12th Vice @ Rio Gardens Hotel Ayia Napa, CYPR


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