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INTERVIEW: elshuffles

Actualizado: 5 jul 2023

London producer elshuffles returns with his sophomore album accurately described as a melting pot of techno, ambient, drone and electronica influences. Who Bang The Noise offers fifteen tracks that tangle a myriad of found sounds, subtle clicks, and atmospheric layers that cut through emotional power ("The Ends") to more bleak, crumbling soundscapes ("My Isolation") and dense dissipation similar to Fennesz ("To Them"). While the plethora of strangely captivating noises bend and warp ("Hearts And Thoughts"), the shuffles find solace in dark sonic shapes and micro-melodic fibers ("Snapshot") as drifting drones and ghostly technoid elements evolve from nothing like the first Plastikman. works ("Lost for a while" and "Give me a reason"). These sporadic sonic gaps unfurl on Who Bang The Noise, swapping glitch-like flashes ("Inquisitive Without You") and darker, sizzling grooves ("(Busy) Livin") where fractured vocals float ever so slightly. Overall, an unusually captivating collection of fluttering electronic and evocative audio works that just evaporate.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him and this has been the result.

Can you tell us a little about your early musical experiences?

I remember being really young and my Dad playing Fleetwood Mac really loud. Then I started to find music for myself and so the journey started...

How do you hope that your music influences or impacts your listeners?

Im not totally sure, as I’m mainly making these songs for me. So if anyone else likes it or even listens to it that's a bonus.

Do you feel that your sound has evolved over the years?

Yeah definitely, Im paying much more attention to ambient and drone soundscapes, whilst still finding a place of some banging tracks.

How does your latest album who bang the noise differ from your previous projects, musically and thematically?

I think it's broader sounding, I tried to make it sound a bit more real life, hence the use of field recordings. As I was making it I wasn't aware but it seems to be a soundtrack to London living. I guess this is a result of being at one and yet engrossed in the city.

Do you feel consistency is important in creating music? Or is it ok to experiment with different styles and sounds?

It may be different for everyone but for me it's all about experimenting with everything and see what works and connects. I guess there is consistency in my music and that is in creating, as I am always making new music.

How do you see the next few years or your career panning out, in an ideal world?

For me the main thing is staying healthy allowing me time and space to be creative. as long as I am creating and making sounds Im more than happy. anything else is a bonus.

What's the most important piece of advice anyone's given to you so far?

A few things, both of which I got written on wall in my studio - 'if I can't control it don't worry about it'. I love this, it helps me focus on what I can control and what I need to do. Secondly is 'success is showing up', this is a way of keeping me going and it works.


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