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In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Federico Rosa, a rising DJ/Producer in the Electronic music scene, known for his infectious beats and dynamic productions. Federico gives us insight into his creative process, upcoming projects, and collaborations; he shares more details about his inspirations, challenges, and aspirations, shedding a light into the mind of a dedicated artist always exploring new boundaries. Join us as we delve into the world of Federico Rosa and discover the passion and creativity driving his music forward.

Hello Federico Rosa! How are you doing? 

Very well, thank you!

Can you give us a sneak peek into your current or upcoming projects? What can fans expect from your new releases?

I'm working on many projects, both as a solo artist and collaborations with friends and even big artists.

Are there any collaborations between you in the works? Aside from your usual collaborators, can you tell us about other exciting artists you're working with?

Among us (with Manu P & Andrea Rubolini), we are in continuous collaboration. As I mentioned before, I am also collaborating with other artists. It's always nice to share music with those who have the same passion.

How do you approach the creative process when starting a new project? Are there any specific inspirations or themes you're exploring? 

It depends, I can draw inspiration from various things. Certainly, listening to the music of one of my favorite big DJs helps me a lot.

Do you have any plans for launching your own events or showcases in the near future?

I already have my own small party that I do from time to time, but I don't really like organizing events. I prefer to play or stay in the studio making music.

Are there any new genres or musical styles you're experimenting with in your upcoming projects? Initially, I started doing only Tech House, but lately, I've been experimenting a lot with Minimal and Techno. Who knows, maybe I'll surprise you with the next releases.

Can you share any details about your upcoming tour or live performances? Any special venues or festivals you're particularly excited about? 

For now, all dates will be here in Italy. One that I really like is definitely the "The Cage" event with my friends and collaborators Manu P and Andrea Rubolini. But I love playing in any club, every night can become special in its own way.

Do you have any plans to expand your presence beyond the music industry? Right now, I'm focusing exclusively on music, but you never know. You should never set limits for yourself.

Are there any specific challenges or obstacles you've encountered during the production of your upcoming projects? How did you overcome them?Sometimes you may not have the right inspiration or you may not be able to find the right fit to finish the track. The important thing is not to get too caught up in wanting to finish everything right away. Take a break, do other activities, and then come back to the studio with a clear mind. By doing this, I always fill myself with new ideas and positive energy.

Can you describe the overall vibe or atmosphere you're aiming to create with your upcoming releases or performances?I love to always recreate an environment full of energy, smiles, and good vibrations. Only good vibes.

Lastly, what message or emotion do you hope to convey to your audience through your upcoming projects?

Positive energy, happiness, and carefreeness. Everything that should always be on a dance floor.

We finish this interview thanking Federico Rosa for his time chatting with us, as he shows that his commitment to pushing his own boundaries and exploring new sounds is evident in his upcoming projects and collaborations. With a focus on positive energy and creating unforgettable experiences, Federico's music resonates with listeners on a deeper level, and we look forward to witnessing his continued success with the projects, releases and collaborations he has planned for the rest of this year, so make sure to follow him across social media to remain updated on his latest news.

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