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INTERVIEW: Ignacio Arfeli

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina and based in Lisbon, 2019 was a great year for Ignacio. Although he is a newcomer, the young artist has already created a space for himself with raw sounds, textures and dark percussion. Crossing the line between clandestine and more commercial productions, he has signed on to some of the most respected labels in the world such as Terminal M, Kraftek, Suara, Octopus Recordings, We Are The Brave. Charlotte De Witte has frequently opened festivals with her tracks, and many other scene giants drop her music on their tour playlists such as ANNA, Alan Fitzpatrick, Eric Prydz, Monika Kruse, Wehbba, Victor Ruiz, Dj Rush, Sam Paganini, Rebuke, Pan Pot and many more…

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him and this has been the result.

Can you tell us what your last 3 releases were?

My last releases were o We Are The Brave, Terminal M and Volta Records. Where are you from?

I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina but right now I'm based in Portugal. Is being a DJ your full-time job?

Nowadays I can say that being a music producer is my full time job as I work and make music for other artists/DJs too. My goal in the next years is to have more gigs and combine my production side with DJ as well. What would you be doing if it was not music and why? I will be a tennis teacher most probably and tour with my players ha-ha. I played 10 years (from 8 to 18) and I was doing it in a professionally. So I could pick tennis!

Can you describe your sound in 5 words? I find my sound... modern, strong, energetic, commercial and driving.

Do you have a studio? If so, can you tell us your favourite 3 pieces of gear? Yes, I do and if I have to pick 3 then I will go with my Apogee Quartet, my Launch Control XL Midi, where I can play live with automations (I love it). This one is a plugin but it sounds incredible which is the Town House compressor from Plugin Alliance.

Tell us one song you couldn't live without hearing?

Uh... so hard to pick one! Right now, at this moment I could say Apashe & High Klassified ft. Cherry Lena - I'm Fine (IMANU Remix)

Your release ‘Feel The Bass’ on Victor Ruiz’s label VOLTA is out on the 14th July. What do you think makes these tracks stand out?

I think the whole release sounds fresh and a little different from what is actually being released lately. Of course it has the commercial touch but at the same time you can hear some ''Electro'' riff basses which it's not so common (at least from what I'm listening lately on Beatport) combined with more ''Pop'' ''beauty'' EDMM melodies without losing the darkness and I find that this is a very good contrast for darker drops which you will find in this EP. Can you reveal some future projects? I'm very looking forward for a collaboration which I cannot say but is something, for me, very big. Then in August I will also have a mini tour in Barcelona, so excited for this! and as always... working on new music every day.

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