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Actualizado: 26 may 2023

Jewel Kid was born in Malta and jumped on the music bandwagon when it was still illegal to enter clubs. Two decades later, this journey has accelerated from DJ to Producer with a one way ticket to success.

He is the Winner of the Carl Cox Worldwide Remix Competition organized by Beatport. for “Best House Remix” and Awarded as “Best Dance Production” at the Malta Music Awards. The manager of numerous Beatport Top 10 tracks, Jewel Kid has signed music to A class record labels such as Toolroom, Cr2, Glasgow Underground, Abode, Nervous, Tronic, Suara and many others.

From different platforms around the world he has embraced the privilege of golden tickets and an international concert program playing infamous clubs such as Space (Ibiza), Egg (London), Cielo (New York), Womb (Tokyo), Space (Miami) , Sankeys (Ibiza) and many more. He hires a tireless commitment and Versitle Sound has created a musical theater for other maestros to play and fans to join. This trip is full speed with the mind full of music and the hand full of dreams.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him and this has been the result.

Can you tell us a little about your early musical experiences?

It all started around age 8 with me learning the piano with the local nuns. Then a few years down the line my big brother got into Djing and I followed. At 14 years old I started playing in all the local clubs and when I was around 20 years old, I had my first international gig which was Space Ibiza.

How do you hope that your music influences or impacts your listeners?

All I want is for people to enjoy my music and feel a part of my soul that I put in each and every track I produce.

Do you feel that your sound has evolved over the years?

Producing so much different genres opened a whole new world of sound for me, so I think I’m like a chef with all the ingredients in the world. My musical mind is very vast now and I make it a point to portray that onto my tracks by mixing different sounds from different styles of music.

Do you feel consistency is important in creating music? Or is it ok to experiment with different styles and sounds?

I think I just answered this one in the previous question, but honestly, I feel much more open now since I don’t sit in the studio with a one-track mind. I just let my creative juices flow and do their thing naturally. Less mind, more soul!

How do you see the next few years of your career panning out, in an ideal world?

I would definitely be making music, that’s for sure. Although now-a-days my main priority is to live in the now. Ideally, I would keep touring in my favorite locations and putting out music which resonates with my listeners.

What's the most important piece of advice anyone's given to you so far?

To just do whatever feels right and the rest will follow.


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