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The Brazilian artist launches new songs. ^L_'s productions are characterized by their throbbing and convulsive rhythms combined with a dystopian atmosphere. We have had the pleasure of interviewing him, and this has been the result.

What was the first thing that attracted you to the world of electronic music?

Definitely the sound, underground culture and all the attitude that permeates the genre. I saw an authenticity and relevance that I never saw in other musical genres and social behaviors. I felt that I could be relevant as an artist, without stereotypes and clichés... and of course, the music! Albums like “Selected Ambient Works”, by Aphex Twin and “Tri Repetae”, by Autechre were fundamental for my formation as an artist. as a teenager I explored the entire Warp catalog and other great artists like Plastikman, Front 242 and more....

Do you remember any album or concert that made you see everything in a different way?

"Frequencies", by LFO and a concert that moved me a lot was one by Squarepusher.

What helped you the most to grow, including believing in yourself?

Stubbornness! I always believed that I might be able to achieve my goals, as long as I always remain focused and disciplined - personally and professionally. I'm very stubborn and despite getting into a lot of trouble because of it, I also achieve a lot of positive things... I think that when you manage to get something positive out of a defect, you can get where you want to be... and that's how I am sorry for my stubbornness.

How did you decide to embark on your latest job?

Honestly, when I start a new job, I don't stick to a specific point, I prefer to go with flow and see how things build. With the exception of "Satanic Fashion Week", tracks are very experimental and difficult, with a lot of influence from sounds like breakbeat, drill and bass, IDBut sometimes I felt uncomfortable myself, with such noise. All tracks are heavily influenced by drill and bass and jungle music (details: I have a great friend, DJ Weirdo, an important local DJ, who was a fundamental part of my passion for jungle music.

What are your favorite places to go out in the city?

I haven't had a busy night life (clubs and etc)... basically, I go out to parties to visit friends. But often alone or to the cinema and restaurants.


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