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INTERVIEW: Marco Tegui

Marco Tegui is a South American artist living in Europe. He has a unique take on electronic music that has brought him into the Kindisch label family where this summer he releases his ’Stories’ album. We caught up with him to discuss the album and more.

Hi Marco and welcome to Chromatic Club. Where are you in the world right now and how are you doing? Hey guys, thanks a lot for the invite! My artist name is Marco Tegui and I'm currently located in Ibiza, Spain where I moved two years ago from cold (but cozy) Berlin. You are originally from Peru, what can you tell us about your home country and the music scene there? I come from Lima, the capital of Peru. It was really nice growing up there, it’s on the Pacific coast and there’s loads of space which is great for sports but the electronic music scene is not so big. This can make it difficult to start a DJ career there as the big events are mainly headlined by guests artists from abroad. I haven't been to Peru for 5 years now but I've noticed that the scene is much bigger since the last time I was there so it’s good to see that that the path for new music hailing from Peru is becoming more accessible.

You are behind the latest edition of the Kindisch Stories album series, how did you get involved with the Berlin label? I got involved with the label for the first time thanks to my friend Israel Vich, also a Peruvian producer, who released an EP on Get Physical and invited me to do a remix. Since then, I’ve had the occasional release on Kindisch, in compilations and also via some of my own EPs or collaborations with other friends' EPs. I think the deep house sound I usually produce fits perfectly with the Kindisch Music Label. For me, doing a Kindisch Stories album is a dream come true. I remember hearing past albums and they have always sounded authentic and really special in their own way. I’m thrilled that now I've also had the chance to express my own authentic sound through the Kindisch series. The album features a raft of your own material, along with a couple of remixes, what were your inspirations and intentions with the album? My inspiration for this album is the folkloric sound from South America that I grew up with, mixed with some soul-blues guitars (that melt my heart) and topped with techno beats coming from Berlin. Away from the studio or DJ booth, what do you do with your time and what are your personal passions? Away from the studio I spend a lot of time being a father as I have three sons. Me and my wife also love to go exploring or work on our crops at home! I also go with the kids sometimes to the skate park. What is the one piece of studio kit you would never get rid of, no matter what? My guitars! What was the last record store you visited, in person or online? And what did you buy there? Dr. No Effects shop online, and I just bought myself a new guitar pedal called TVL Octavia from them. Do you have hope for the future of music? And how do you feel about the benefits or threats of AI in the musical arena? There is always new amazing music or bands out there but they are hardly ever played on the radio. I think that AI can be an advantage if we take it as an addition to our everyday, not a need. In music, it will just make us better as the average standard is raised through artists working with AI. What do you have planned for the rest of 2023? Currently I have been developing my live set, through the looping and jamming of several instruments. So far this has been really positive for my career, opening doors for the first time in places like Pacha Ibiza for Storytellers, Club Chinois for BOHO and the legendary Cova Santa gathering WoomooM. From now until October 2023 you can find me in my residency on Beachouse Ibiza and after that hopefully I will be spending Xmas in Mexico again! What makes you happy? I am happy when I can be near nature. I like the big cities but they can be really overwhelming if you are deeply connected with a rural lifestyle. Thanks for inviting me for this interview, I’m really excited to share with you my Kindisch release, ‘Stories’.


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