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The old-school DJ and producer returns with "Love Da House," a release with serious club credentials with authentic New York and Chicago house influences. This 12-incher could be a firm favorite among seasoned selectors, no doubt thanks to its distinctive Acid Disco sounds that are sure to rock dance floors. With these 4 tracks, Recut navigates through different analog moods.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing Recut and this has been the result.

How did Recut Music come about? What was your inspiration and how would you describe the label's mantra? Recut Music was founded with the birth of my son Salvatore. I wanted to Recut to be an artistic touch point to align with this important life event. Love for vinyl is the true mantra! How has the Recut's sound evolved from 001 to now? Now the sound is a little more analogue, I have often used both, 808 and the 303 in previous releases. I’m always looking for the right balance in the songs I compose and the sampling of New York Disco and Chicago House Music.

How do you see the label developing sonically beyond this release? How do you see the label progressing? My sound will always be a contaminated sound for the clubs, it will come out of the records i listen to, from my travels, from my meetings. I will try to never be banal. At least I hope so. I continue to produce new music for the follow up of Love Da House (Recut Music005), which came out a few days ago. I would love to bring more artists into the Recut family with a VA compilation. Are you working on any projects beyond the label? I hope to create artistic connections around the world through music, supporting the art of DJing. My main focus is the label. What're your views on experimentation as an artist, do you feel the same alias can produce a variety of styles or is it necessary to shape a distinct sound around an artist? With the same alias you can produce music of various types with a common denominator, a great sound with strong roots. I try to make my sound recognizable. I like to experiment and try to transform music into a story, however a couple aliases are enough. It's a natural process that makes me feel good. As a vinyl only label, where do you see the future of the medium going? It doesn't seem like an important aspect at the moment, you have to research and produce a lot of quality music, it's important to feel good with our soul, our mind and then make music connecting with other artists. What excites and motivates you to keep making music? Passion is the fuel and people feel this energy, that's why I love to DJing. My family are my inspiration in my pursuit of music!


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