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INTERVIEW: Salvione - Behind The Scenes Of 'Better Days EP'

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Salvione, a talented DJ and producer who has been making waves in the Electronic music scene. With his unique blend of classic and modern sounds, Salvione has captivated audiences and earned the support of industry heavyweights such as Steve Bug, Roger Sanchez, and Christian Nielsen.

In this interview, we delve into Salvione's musical journey, his latest EP "Better Days," and his approach to creating captivating tracks; join us as we explore the inspirations behind his music, his collaboration with Cordula, and the challenges he had to overcome while producing the EP.

Hi Salvione, how are you?

Hey, I'm doing really well, thank you for asking.

Can you walk us through the inspiration behind the EP “Better Days”?

The EP "Better Days" encompasses a range of emotions and inspirations, each track carrying its own unique message. As I embarked on the creative journey for the track “Better Days”, I stumbled upon a captivating vocal that resonated deeply with me. It became the driving force behind the track, fueling my determination to bring the idea to life.

Throughout the production process, "Better Days" transformed into a powerful anthem of hope. It became a musical embodiment of the collective longing for a brighter future and the unwavering belief that, despite the hardships we faced, that indeed “better days are coming.”

While "Better Days" itself was conceived during the challenging times of lockdown, the other track on the EP, titled "Talkin' Bout," delves into a different theme.

"Talkin' Bout" is an empowering anthem that centers around reclaiming one's power and recognizing one's self-worth. The lyrics revolve around an individual who has discovered the truth about their cheating significant other. This realization becomes a catalyst for liberation and personal growth, ultimately leading to a brighter future.

Together, the tracks on the EP intertwine themes of hope, resilience, and personal empowerment. Through the diverse narratives and uplifting energy of the EP, "Better Days" encapsulates the journey from adversity to triumph, reminding us that even in the darkest moments, music has the remarkable ability to ignite a sense of hope and unite us in the anticipation of a brighter tomorrow.

What was your approach to creating the two tracks on the EP, "Talking' Bout" and "Better Days"?

The two tracks actually originated from what I like to call my "off-season" projects. It's similar to how athletes have their dedicated training periods to improve for the upcoming season. In my music production journey, I also take the time to work on different aspects of the process, honing my skills without the pressure of creating a full track. These off-season projects serve as a creative playground where I explore ideas and experiment freely. Surprisingly, both of the tracks on the EP emerged from these off-season endeavors that I ended up liking and developing further into complete tracks. It's a testament to the value of allowing creative exploration and finding hidden gems within seemingly unrelated projects.

Can you share with us any challenges you faced during the production process of the EP?

One of the significant challenges I encountered during the production process of the EP was the closure of clubs due to COVID-19. This presented a unique obstacle as I was creating music specifically intended for the club environment. Without the ability to test the tracks in a live setting, it was difficult to gauge their impact and make necessary adjustments. The uncertainty surrounding when clubs would reopen added another layer of complexity. However, I relied on my intuition and experience to craft the music, with the hope that it would eventually find its place on the dancefloor.

How did the collaboration with Cordula come about?

The collaboration with Cordula happened unexpectedly during an IG Live session with my rapper friend Keaton. He offered his support, and I mentioned how I could always use vocalists. He mentioned that Cordula, who was watching the live, could be a great vocalist. We connected afterward and instantly hit it off. When I needed a vocalist urgently for my upcoming track on Toolroom, Cordula came to the rescue. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure, and our track "Move With Me" on Toolroom did really well. When I wrote the lyrics for "Talkin' Bout," I knew Cordula was the perfect fit.

How do you typically start the creative process when making new music?

In my recent music production approach, I often begin by focusing on crafting a strong foundation with basic drums and bass elements. The groove plays a vital role in driving the track forward, and I've found that starting with these rhythmic elements sets the tone and energy right from the beginning. By establishing a solid groove, I lay the groundwork for the rest of the track to flow naturally. This intentional emphasis on the rhythmic foundation has become a key aspect of my creative process, allowing me to shape the overall vibe and direction of the music I create.

What is your favorite element of "Talking' Bout" and how did you achieve that sound?

My favorite element of "Talkin' Bout" is undoubtedly the vocal. It takes center stage in the track, and I had the opportunity to write the lyrics myself. Interestingly, while I was in the process of writing, I happened to come across Lizzo's "Juice" and the catchy "Ya-ya-ee, Ya-ya-ee" line got stuck in my head. Inspired by that infectious energy, I shared with Cordula that I wanted to incorporate a similar style of repeating phrases in the track, like "talkin' bout this, talkin' bout that." Little did I know that this creative decision would have a lasting impact. Since the release, I've been flooded with messages from countless listeners who found themselves unable to escape that irresistible hook. It's truly gratifying to witness how this approach resonated with people and left a memorable impression.

And what is your favorite element of "Better Days" and how did you achieve that sound?

My favorite element of "Better Days" is the synth lead. The synth lead is crafted by layering multiple synth patches from the Korg Minilogue. Finding the right balance among the three layers was a challenge, but I persisted until I discovered the sweet spot where they harmonize perfectly. The result is a vibrant and standout sound that I think truly elevates the track.

Did you experiment with any new production techniques or equipment while working on the EP?

During the creation of the EP, I took the opportunity to explore new production techniques and equipment. One notable experiment was developing a workflow in Ableton 11, where I crafted the entire arrangement using the Session View. It was a departure from my usual approach, and while there were some initial hurdles to overcome, it opened up exciting possibilities for my creativity. This innovative method allowed me to break free from conventional structures and delve into uncharted territory. As a result, the EP took on a unique sonic character and showcased a fresh perspective on my musical expression.

How do you balance creating a cohesive sound throughout the EP while also making each track stand out on its own?

Achieving a balance between a cohesive sound throughout the EP while allowing each track to stand out individually was a deliberate and mindful process. To maintain consistency, I adopted a focused approach and immersed myself in what I consider to be my signature sound. I created within a self-proclaimed "bubble," where I remained true to my artistic vision and strived to manifest the specific sonic landscape I had envisioned. This meant consciously avoiding external influences and reference tracks, relying solely on the idea and concept I had crafted in my mind.

By immersing myself in this bubble, I was able to maintain a consistent sonic direction and ensure that each track contributed to the overall cohesiveness of the EP. However, I also recognized the importance of allowing each track to have its own unique identity. To achieve this, I paid careful attention to the individual elements of each composition, such as the choice of sounds, melodies, and arrangements.

I aimed to strike a balance where each track had its own standout elements and characteristics while still harmonizing with the overarching theme of the EP. This approach allowed me to create an engaging listening experience where the tracks could shine individually yet come together seamlessly as a collective body of work. I believe that the success both tracks had by reaching the singles charts and release charts is a testament to this approach.

Can you tease any future projects or collaborations you have in the works after the release of “Better Days”?

I'm excited to share that I have several tracks ready for release. While their ultimate destinations are yet to be determined, I am actively working on new material that follows the same vein as the EP, aiming to solidify the distinctive sound associated with my name. Additionally, you can expect another collaboration with Cordula, as we've become quite the dynamic duo. We're eager to keep the creative momentum going and deliver more captivating music together. Stay tuned for what's to come!

Through his latest EP "Better Days" and his insightful reflections on the production process, Salvione has shown us some insights on his unique approach to music, that makes it a powerful and lasting listening experience for his fans. With collaborations on the horizon and a continuous drive to push creative boundaries, Salvione is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the Electronic music scene. Stay tuned for more exciting releases and performances from Salvione as he continues to elevate the Dance music landscape with his exceptional talent and infectious energy.

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