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Since then they have released numerous singles and remixes. Today they are not only loved and celebrated for their magnificent productions, but also for their captivating, fun and energetic performances. When you see Daniel and Andreas on stage, you are immediately drawn to their relaxed yet spontaneous style. They have a way of making you feel what they feel, and in these musical symbioses you can let yourself go and lose yourself in their rhythms, knowing that they will take good care of you for the next few hours.

A wide range of influences that make them work so well together. Through their studio sessions, they always discover new musical territories and allow themselves to produce music that is out of the ordinary, always maintaining a distinctive "The Glitz sound" in their releases. This signature style resonates with fans around the world, making them a sought-after act at some of the world's biggest festivals and clubs, such as Fusion Festival (DE), Sisyphos (Berlin), Desert Hearts Festival (USA). USA), Halcyon. (San Francisco), Chi Wow Wah Town (AU), The Villa (Oslo) and Sash (Sydney).

Over the last four years they have taken a pinch of all their inspiration, all their experiences and all their aspirations for the future and have started cooking on their second and long-awaited album. The album “Axen” marks the beginning of a new chapter for The Glitz as they embark on a journey beyond the world of electronic music. They show us a diverse soundscape, with genres ranging from classic House and Techno, to also presenting their version of Trip Hop, Neo RnB, Hip Hop, Ballad and Electronica.

In its own way, each song has the unique sound characteristics that Andreas and Daniel are so known and loved for, while giving them room to experiment and show themselves in new ways. The mix of vibrant, emotionally charged, dancefloor-oriented songs is sure to give listeners an enthralling and unforgettable experience.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him and this has been the result.

Can you tell us a little about your experience? Where are you from/how did you get into music?

We both work and live in different cities and have completely different musical backgrounds. Andreas lives in Berlin and Daniel in Rostock. That always makes our work in the studio exciting and creates positive friction. We started DJing and producing in the end of the 90s. We were inspired by the big wave of electronic music and the movements around it in the UK and Germany. There were so many new things to discover and everything was allowed... In 2006 we started The Glitz, and the rest is history ;)

How is your sound evolving? What artists and genres do you like to mix at the moment?

We come from club music! Our first productions as The Glitz were immediately quite successful and were somewhere between minimal and tech house. We never have a fixed idea when we get together in the studio, the creative process is always very unexpected. We try to be ourselves and do our thing. It’s similar to when we are DJing. Every set is always very different and spontaneous. 

Daniel is definitely influenced by house. Electro and breaks always play a role too. „I’m inspired by people like Tornado Wallace, Four Tet, Bonobo and DJ Hell. But I also try to find my own way.“

With Andreas, he draws inspiration from Techno and House but works musically across many genres. „I love to create edits of songs from all kinds of music and incorporate them in my sets. It creates unexpected and fun moments, and gives us the opportunity to play around with the vibe.“

How do you feel your music influences or impacts your listeners?

We get a lot of feedback which means a lot to us. There are always lovely emails and messages or people come to us after our sets and tell us that it was very special for them. We’re always touched when we hear these stories. It means a lot as this is the only way to know your music really reached people. Or when there’s a nice story behind the message. For example, when someone tells us that we inspired them to DJ themselves. Or even well-known artists tell us how long they've been playing our tracks and are always happy to hear new ones. I think you can convey a lot of emotions through music and give people something special.

What can you tell us about your latest album?

There is a lot to tell, where do we even start? We worked on the album for almost five years. Of course the pandemic slowed a lot of things down. About halfway through production, we met the wonderful singer Mulay and quickly found ourselves recording with her. She is a phenomenal songwriter and has a beautiful voice. She contributed so much to the soul of the album. It was a great match! Most of the songs have a message. They talk about feelings, love but also politics. I think we succeeded in creating music with a message. You can listen to the songs individually but also super well as a whole album. 

Has your sound changed much in recent years? What is your musical criteria?

Our sound has grown a lot, but we are never fixed on any direction. Of course, our production skills have also developed significantly. Working on the album gave us many new insights, which we will take with us in the coming years. We can tell you that sampling is an important foundation in our music and we are always on the lookout for new sounds. Whether it's raindrops on the aluminum roof or weird sampling from our synthesizer sessions. Everything can be found somewhere in our songs.

Do you feel confident now to play a more experimental sound?

Daniel: Is it really experimental? (Both laugh) Yes. Somehow we dare to mix a lot of unconventional things and even give pop elements a place. It feels new and refreshing. And you just think: let's dare to do it. Why not? 

We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

That is always a double-edged sword. The digital era makes so much possible and also simplifies processes. But you have to understand it as a tool, for instance in music production. The digital market definitely influences the creativity of many musicians and you see many trying to follow a hype. But not ours. We are dedicated in bringing forth our own sound. What is new with the album is that we made sure that the songs were of an easily listenable length. In other genres than electronic music it is rare to have 6 minute tracks, so we worked on narrowing the productions down to the essentials. It was important to us to create an album that wasn’t too long to listen to in one go.

Can you tell us what your future projects are?

On the one hand, we are currently working on a special live set-up so we can play concerts with Mulay. We have an album release party in Hamburg June 13th which will be the premiere for this live show. That will be very exciting. And we would love to do a few more edits and remixes of the album tracks. And not to forget, there are still a bunch of remix requests that we want to work on. There are a lot of good songs that want a Glitz remix ;)


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