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Hailing from the spiritual home of hard techno, Berlin-based Tommy Hegewald aka Tommy Hey makes his first steps into the world of electronic music as an independent artist with a debut single on his own newly launched label ‘Fuel Seven’. Tommy maybe better known as a member of German metalcore band Desasterkids formed in 2012. They had success with releases on Redfield Records and toured with Papa Roach, Soulfly and You Me at Six, but decided to announce their indefinite hiatus in 2019.

His passion for the heavier side of metal, has no doubt been a huge inspiration and driving force behind the sound that Tommy is now making when it comes to his electronic productions. A side project and passion of his for the last few years, he has finally decided to put his work to the world and travel a new path of sound.

Marking the maiden release on his label Fuel Seven, Tommy’s ‘Bass Tempo Fleisch Blut’ is a resounding example of explicit underground techno prowess. Tommy’s undeniable understanding of hardened warehouse-focused techno is on full display here - brought to life by pounding kicks, industrious percussion, vampirical melodics and hypnotic vocals. An undoubtedly promising sign of things to come, as far as debuts go.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him and this has been the result.

How would you describe your musical background for someone who doesn't know you?

I started to play drums at the age of 3. So, I’ve literally been playing drums for my entire life. I was always surrounded by techno since I was born in Berlin but only got into it when I was 18. When I first stepped into a techno club it was just love at first sight and from this moment on, I started to produce techno.

You were in a metal band before electronic music – how did you get into a band?

I played drums in a few bands before I finally had the request from the founding member of Desasterkids to play drums for them. I was just 17 when I joined them and when we recorded our first EP. We got a record deal right away and toured across Europe and later on Japan. It was just so much fun touring the world with my friends and finally doing what I’ve been practicing for my entire life.

Why did you make the move to change genres?

Being a touring band means playing the same set over and over again for one tour. That’s something you have to do because of your light show and backtracks etc. You also wanna give each city the same show. But after playing the same show over and over again it kind of feels like being a robot whereas DJing means playing a different set each show, interacting with the crowd and that’s something that is just amazing.

I really loved playing in a band but this was for a certain time and now there’s a new chapter which I was dreaming about for so many years. I like putting 100% of my ideas into a song which is just a little hard in a band.

Do you feel there are similarities between the two? If so, what?

There are definitely similarities and that’s what I really love about it! There’s heavy breakdowns, hard kick drums and stimulating melodies in both which I love.

The first single from you ‘Bass Tempo Fleisch Blut, is out in March – what is the track about?

This Track is basically talking about my addiction to techno. I need to feel bass and tempo in my flesh and blood. The song has a heavy breakdown and emtional middle part. I did it just like I would have done a metal song to be honest and I think that’s also something that is very me.

It’s out on your new label Fuel Seven. Why your own label from the start? Do you feel your music doesn't fit on another label?

Fuel Seven is brand that I have created over the past 2 years. There is more to come than a record label and I just felt like it’s the right thing to do since I’ve been in the music industry for so long.

What was the last record store you visited? Did you buy anything? If so, what?

I have not been physically in a record store for a while since me and my girlfriend travel full time and we have limited space in our suitcases, but I have been on Bandcamp just today and got the new EP ‘Mython’ has just released. I love his powerful songs and I’m just a big fan of his work.

Can you reveal some future projects for you or the label?

I will release another single and EP this summer! There will be a very interesting feature on it and a promising remix! Stay tuned for this one :)

What makes you happy?

Everything in life can potentially make me happy. Over the past years I’ve learned to be grateful for literally everything I am doing, and this makes life so much better. Traveling full time without a permanent home teaches you so much and makes you appreciate the small things in life so much, such as a good conversation, good food and new adventures.

Tommy’s single is out on Friday the 17th March.

Interview with Tommy Hey


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