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Clan Brude’s consistent innovation and evolution of his sound marks him out as an exciting talent within Electronic Music today; unafraid to produce the unexpected, Clan Brude continues to elevate his creativity, pushing his sound to appear distinctly unique within the genre. Having been on a musical journey that continues to lead him to fresh ground, Clan Brude no doubt remains on a thrilling path, navigating his way through the vibrant and diverse landscape of Electronic Music to ensure he leaves a mark.

The passion and love for music that continues to uphold Clan Brude’s creativity began early on in his life, but it wasn’t until 2021, during the pandemic, that he finally focused his artistic energy on developing the Clan Brude project. As he found his feet within the world of Electronic Music, experimenting with sounds to curate a signature style that portrays his own tastes, musicality and expansive skillset, Clan Brude quickly began to build his production catalogue, releasing singles like ‘Inner Ghosts’ and ‘Where We Belong’. Now, with listeners from around the globe entranced by his sound, Clan Brude emerges as a promising star continuing to rise up through Electronic Music.

With a sound that appears to evolve with each new release, Clan Brude creates music that intricately weaves together the rhythmic quality of House with vocal recordings, and compelling synth accompaniments; with such a unique approach, along with a fearless confidence to defy the norms of Electronic Music, Clan Brude expresses a creativity that seems to know no bounds. Just recently, Clan Brude’s innovative take was placed in the spotlight once again with his EP alongside the Shanghai band Hogchoker: as he delivered tracks that fused together the hard-hitting sounds of Progressive House with the worldly style of Hogchoker, drawing from Jazz, Ska, and Punk influences, Clan Brude’s pioneering ways certainly stood out. Within his production catalogue, Clan Brude’s demand for innovation carries through, coming together with his desire to stand out with music that is distinct to him alone. The influences his sound draws from further ensure Clan Brude's individuality; taking inspiration from his own life experiences, Clan Brude’s productions reflect his very sense of self, appearing as an authentic creative expression.

It is the deep-rooted passion and enthusiasm that Clan Brude has for his craft that continues to take centre stage throughout his artistry, emerging through the unique quality of his music. The momentum he has built so far is no doubt an encouraging indicator of his potential, promising in the attention he keeps garnering from genre lovers worldwide. So, continuing with his current trajectory, Clan Brude remains a talent to take note of, unstoppable in his creative determination.

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