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Actualizado: 27 oct 2022

Davide Ubaldi stage name David Geil is an Italian DJ and record producer. He cultivated his passion at just 11 years old, in 2018 he attended the DJ course at Goody Music and began to perform in private parties and happy hours. In 2019 he perfected his musical technique at the Rain of Sound DJ Academy, in April of the same year he participated in the DJ Battle organized by Pioneer, winning third place. He participates in the Tour Music Fest overcoming the first two selections not reaching the final, but amazes with an enviable technical performance. He became passionate about studying the piano and continued his artistic career at the AFTEREGO studios by attending the production and management course. In March 2020 his productions can be found on Soundcloud and record labels. He participates in August 2021 at the Beachland Festival held in Kenya, on the wonderful beaches of Ukunda, Diani and Mombasa. In July 2022 he performs in Ibiza at Bora Bora at The Gardene and at It Lounge. He has produced new tracks with labels such as Klap Music, Pure Enjoyment, Monkey Stereo and Discord Music.

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